Not A Connection, But An Eye Opener

I will start by saying that the shootings in Aurora, Colorado last week were horrible.  There is never an excuse for someone to commit such a senseless act. 

That being said, the shootings do potentially open up an area for discussion.  And that is understanding.  Understanding of those that are social outcasts.

I was watching Morning Joe this morning, and host Joe Scarborough, who has a son with Asperger’s, is the one to have brought up the connection (albeit a difficult one, and Scarborough was in no way making any excuses for the shooter).

He brought up something interesting, and made me think about Kaitlyn and others with Asperger’s.  From initial reports, the shooter was socially disconnected yet excelled in school, until he dropped out last month.  So, we have, potentially, someone who is very smart and does well in school, and who was apparently ostracized and isolated.  This may not end up being the case with this person, but it highlights what can happen when we isolate those who excel tremendously in school.

What happened in Aurora was inexcusable, there is no doubt about that.  I think it does, however, provide us with a painful opportunity to evaluate how we treat each other.  We cannot take advantage of those who lack social skills, and we cannot ignore those who are “different” from us.  I sincerely hope that there is no connection between the shooter and autism or Asperger’s, and his acts can be attributed solely to one person’s own beliefs.


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