Still On Track

In what has become almost a daily trip, we spent another evening at our new house yesterday, getting ready for moving day.  And Kaitlyn has really not missed a beat.  Despite being out of her afternoon, post-camp routine, she has been no worse for wear, at least for the most part.

Kaitlyn has been a willing participant in every aspect of our move so far.  She had helped pack, load boxes, unload boxes, unpack a little, and put primer on the walls.  In fact, the painting has been her favorite part so far.  She has even grabbed my tape measure a few times to measure her room and her bathroom.  Anything to stay involved.

This weekend is a big one for us.  Our goal is to get most of the painting done, and I am sure Kaitlyn cannot wait.  As long as a vast majority (hopefully all, but that may be unrealistic) of the paint makes it to the wall and not the floor, it will be a successful weekend.

We are still waiting for the meltdown, and we know it is coming.  Hopefully we are ready.


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