Sneaky Sneaky

It bears repeating, but Kaitlyn never ceases to amaze, and today’s (Friday’s) fun might be at the top of the list.

Amber had the day off from work, so she hung out with Kaitlyn.  They ran a few errands and also took some boxes over to the new house.  Kaitlyn is adjusting to having the new house really well so far; in fact, Amber and I are pretty sure that she has already spent more time in her new room, with its handful of contents, than she did in her toy-filled room at the old house.

While Amber was doing some cleaning, Kaitlyn decided that she would help by unpacking a box or two of puzzles in her room.  She also decided that the best place for the puzzles was on the shelf in the closet that is about 6 feet high.  This was done without Amber knowing it was being done.  Proud of her accomplishment, she went and told Amber that she had put the puzzles away, so mom went right in to inspect.  When she saw where they were, Amber asked how she got the up there.  “I climbed on the boxes,” was the nonchalant response from our proud daughter.  Amber quickly informed her that it was not safe and that she was not to do that again.

Fast forward about half an hour, and Kaitlyn now wants to put a puzzle together.  By this time, however, they were going to be leaving soon, so Amber told her it was not a good idea.  Sometime shortly after that, Kaitlyn snuck away and went to her room.  Amber noticed that it was really quiet, and knew something was up, and she could hear the sliding of carboard on carpet.  So she snuck down the hall and observed Kaitlyn stacking the boxes again, this time to get a puzzle down.  Kaitlyn had no clue that Amber was about 6 inches behind her as she completed the tower and climbed on up.

Just as she hit the top box, Amber startled Kaitlyn when she asked what she was doing.  After jumping, Kaitlyn responded with, “nothing.”  She then said she was sorry and she would not do it again.  Amber was not buying that story at all, and again reminded her of the safety issue as they loaded up to leave.

I have a feeling that we may have to invest in one or more video monitors so that we can keep and eye on Kaitlyn in the new house.  So far, the transition seems to be going well, but we still have the actual moving part to do.



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