Fun, But Not Enjoyment

As we were searching for summer camps this past spring, the most important factor for us was sending Kaitlyn somewhere she would be comfortable.  We settled on sending her to the same place she went last summer so she would be familiar with her surroundings and the counselors (for the most part).

But, she surprised us this week when she told us she was not having fun at camp this summer.  This was very odd to Amber and I because it seemed like she was having a blast.

Because Kaitlyn is sort of like an onion when it comes to getting answers (we have to peel layer by layer), it took a while to get to the bottom of her discontent.  She was not enjoying herself because her BFF from school and her buddy from last summer were not there with her.  Each of them has been once or twice, and they were both there when we were on vacation, but that is not good enough for Kaitlyn.  She does not make new friends too easily, and she has that comfort with them.

Luckily for her (and for us) her summer buddy will be at camp this week, and her BFF will be there during the last week of July. 

**Note: I cannot believe how many times I have written “BFF” recently.  It is unreal, but since we are still building a relationship with the family of said friend, it feels uncomfortable to put her name in here.**


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