Insensitive At Best

Rapper 50 Cent is, at best insensitive, after some ridiculous tweets he sent out recently.  Insensitive at best, ignorant for sure. 

On his Twitter account, he tweeted the following:

“Yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic”
“I don’t want no special ed kids on my time line follow somebody else” and
“Just kidding about da special ed kids man, I was in special ed day said I had anger issues lol”

Where to start?  At the top, I guess.

His first tweet is indicitive of how people in general view special needs people and autistics.  Sad, really, and very misguided.  His second tweet is not any better, and shows how foolish he is.  And his last one tries to unring the bell, as if he could put that out there and everything will be ok.  It’s not.

I am offended by all of his tweets on a personal level, and angry about his depiction of autistic people.  He is clearly a very ignorant person and one that is rather uneducated about autism.  It is ridiculous to me that he would then try to “connect” with special needs people by comparing his supposed anger issues to autism.  Not even close.  His anger issues most likely stem from his inability to process even a cursory intelligent thought. 

Poking fun of autistics or any other special needs person is never ok.  Sadly, our society is too accepting of such behavior. 
Maybe I am too close to autism to not be upset by what he said.  Or maybe I expect people to be a little less ignorant, but that might be setting the bar too high.


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