Packing Up

We think we did a really good job at having Kaitlyn be very involved with our house-hunting process.  We wanted her to feel like our new house, whichever one it ended up being, was one that she had a hand in picking.

We were very fortunate, and we found a house we wanted the first day that we looked.  It was one that we added to our list at the last-minute, but one that Kaitlyn loved immediately.  It had a pool, and the pool had a slide.  Kaitlyn was in love and ready to move in.  We put in an offer, it was counter-offered, and we countered back, eventually settling on a fair deal for all parties.  And then the waiting game started.  The lengthy mortgage process, one that we were ready to have hold up our closing.  Luckily for us, our closing went rather smoothly, at least on our end.  We were even able to get some last-minute paperwork to the underwriter while we were on vacation.

Our closing was just about a week ago, and now we are the proud owners of a house with a pool, and a slide.  Now, we are busy packing up our current residence so we can make the transition rather easily (we hope).  Kaitlyn has also been very involved with the packing process.

Because she had reacted emotionally before we started the process of looking, we figured that packing the house would be a challenge as well.  When we first started talking about looking for a new home, Kaitlyn became very upset because she thought that we would leave all of her stuff here and she would have nothing.  Once we convinced her that her stuff would move with us, we were good to go.

For the most part, the packing process has been uneventful.  We intentionally left Kaitlyn’s room virtually untouched as long as possible, but that had to change this week.  We began to pack up her stuff.  She has been mostly unaffected, at least until today.  Amber was packing up some toys from her toy box, and Kaitlyn had a small fit.  All of a sudden, the toy box that had gone unopened for almost 6 months now contained toys she played with “every day.”  The fit was short-lived, and we were able to proceed with packing a good portion of Kaitlyn’s stuff.

With very little left of Kaitlyn’s to pack, the next obstacle will be the actual move.  While she says that she is ready to move in, the jury is still out on that.  I want to see how she responds the first night we stay in the new house, and then measure again after a week or so, and finally gauge her transition as school approaches.  Kaitlyn is already planning on having friends over to play and to swim, so maybe the transition will be easy for her.  Or we could very well be in for an epic meltdown.  We will know the answer pretty soon.


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