Our Little Cartographer

You never really know what is going to come out of Kaitlyn’s mouth.  She absorbs so much information that it is just a matter of time before she shares what she knows with us.

This morning, she shared with us her knowledge of geography and of maps.  She is a little cartographer-in-training.

We were watching Today like we do every morning (Kaitlyn’s response was, “Really?  Again?”) and during the introduction, Natalie Morales mentioned a stunt that was going to be performed live.  The stunt involved a driver sliding a car between two other parked cars with clearance of 3 inches on each side when the stunt was completed (a tight squeeze for sure).  Ms. Morales mentioned to the audience outside that they would be safe because the stunt was being performed at a closed track in New Jersey.

And then Kaitlyn left Amber and I speechless.  She casually said, “well, New Jersey is really not that far from them.”  She was referring to the short distance from NBC Studios to New Jersey.

Kaitlyn has shown a lot of interest in geography, and was really into reading the map for us on vacation.  She seems to absorb everything about the map and then be able recreate the information at a moment’s notice.  It amazes me.



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