A Bunch of Idiots

Or is a bushel?  Or a pack?  What exactly do they call several idiots all in one place?  Maybe I am being a little harsh here, since the exact number was no more than two idiots congregating.

And that is all it took to make a ridiculous decision today.  Two people that chose to not use their brain or show any common sense.

Last week, Kaitlyn complained that they had instituted nap time at camp.  Kaitlyn is not a napper, at all.  So, for here to basically be made to take a nap at camp just makes no sense.  We have a friend who works at Kaitlyn’s camp, so Amber asked her if there would be any issues if Kaitlyn were to bring her math workbook to do quietly during nap time.  And Amber was told it would not be an issue at all.

So today, we dutifully sent Kaitlyn to camp with her math workbook in her bag.  We were ready in the event nap time was on the schedule today.  Turns out, it was on the schedule.  Perfect, Kaitlyn was prepared.

And then the decision was made that is really very confusing.  She was not allowed to work on her math.  No reason was given at all, at least not yet.  So, instead of being able to be productive while the other campers slept, Kaitlyn was made to sit there and do nothing at all.  It makes no sense at all.  I could see her being asked to put the workbook away if she were making a ton of noise, but how much noise can one 6-year old make while working on math? 

Hopefully we can get some sort of reasonable or rational explanation Thursday when Kaitlyn goes back to camp, but I highly doubt it.


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