Showing An Interest

Kaitlyn was nice enough to join us on the couch for a little bit tonight as we sat and watched the Olympic Trials. She really ignored them on TV during the swimming (sorry Caroline). I found that a little strange because she always says how much she loves to swim.

The gymnastics, however, caught her attention. She was really in to watching as the gymnasts did their routines on the balance beam and uneven bars. She claimed that he could do some of what they were doing, and eventually got around to which skill it was that she could do. The results: she can hang on the bar and walk on the balance beam.

I am happy that she at least took an interest in watching the Trials with us. Hopefully she will watch some of the track and field events with us tomorrow night since she loves to run. My bigger hope is that she will watch some of the events during the Olympics with us.

Her interest in gymnastics, swimming, and running has me wondering which of them would be best suited for a child with Asperger’s; while I do not harbor any Olympic dreams for her, I would love for her to become very interested in at least one of them and possibly excel. I think the adherence to rules and the structure and routine of each would be right up her alley.


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