Much Needed

10 days, 2,251.1 miles, and about 40 hours in the car.  Our much needed vacation is finally over.

We traveled to Pittsburgh for a family reunion, and I am sure glad that we did.  We had an amazing time.  And, more importantly, Kaitlyn was able to relax a little, which is exactly what she needed after a great first year of school.

Kaitlyn is pretty much the best car rider I could have ever hoped for.  She rarely complains in the car, and also rarely sleeps in the car.  Every mile that passes is an opportunity for her to learn, and she made the most of the miles on our trip.  She asked a lot of questions, and educated us with information that she had already learned.  She followed along on the map as we drove through Augusta, Georgia, Charleston, South Carolina, Charlotte, Huntington, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh and then back again (substituting Atlanta and Greenville for Augusta and Charleston).

Amber and I were a little concerned about how Kaitlyn would respond to being around such a large group of people that she really did not remember.  We visited four years ago, but she does not really remember anybody.

Kaitlyn immediately warmed up to the younger family members, and quickly became comfortable with a majority of the rest of my family rather quickly (it took longer for her to come around with Mark, but she really enjoyed how, “funny,” her word, he is).

Kaitlyn’s view of the city from Mount Washington.

She did plenty of swimming, visited the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Science Center, went to a Pirate game, visited the offices of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pitt Panthers (and got to see 6 Lombardi Trophies while there), and rode the incline at Mount Washington.  Most of all, Kaitlyn had the chance to relax.  She even slept in almost every day, once until almost 10am.

Two of the six Lombardi Trophies on display.

I am very thankful that she had such a great time, and got to experience almost all of my extended family.  We took plenty of pictures (1,114), and so did she (115).  It was fun to see things from her perspective.  There is no doubt that she made a ton of memories on our vacation, and none that she will think about forgetting or changing anytime soon.

Kaitlyn’s view of the 1976 National Championship Trophy.


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