Family Reunion

I’ve known ’em my whole life
And they still amaze me
I didn’t choose ’em
Wouldn’t wanna lose ’em
But you gotta love ’em
Man, they’re family
Lyrics from “Family” by Rodney Atkins

It is not that often when a vast majority of my family gets together.  Of course, that is mostly because we live quite a ways apart, but today is different.  Today, we are deliberately having a family reunion.  To be honest, anytime we make the trip to Aliquippa, some sort of family reunion takes place.  My family actually enjoys being around each other, though we do have some disagreements on occasion.  This particular reunion came together rather quickly in February, and it did not take long to get everybody on-board.

For us, it will be the first time we have seen the majority of my family since 2008, and the first time since Kaitlyn’s diagnosis.  The reunion will be an important step for Kaitlyn and for us as a family.  Some of my cousins have followed along on here and really have a better understanding of Kaitlyn now.  Back in 2008, Kaitlyn was shy and seemed distant, and we could not really explain why.  We could not explain why she retreated when people rushed right up to her.  We could not explain why she did not look people in the eye when being spoken to. We could not explain her insistence on doing the same thing, or in playing her way.

Now, we do not have to worry about any explanations, not that any were needed in the first place.  My cousin Diane mentioned to me in February that by reading these entries, she will know exactly how to best communicate with Kaitlyn.  The best part about my family is that, even though we could not explain any of her behavior in 2008, they never seemed to mind that Kaitlyn was not quite as wide-open as the rest of the kids.

I know that today’s reunion, and every other thing we do on our visit, will be a blast.


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  2. […] has been a lot of fun.  Other than swimming, her favorite part of the summer was our vacation to Pittsburgh, specifically swimming at Mark, Diane, and Kristian’s, and hanging out with Anthony (she […]

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