Are We There Yet?

No, we are not.  We spent a little over 12 hours in the car today.  We covered 648 miles, and have been in 6 states (if you include Florida).  All in the name of attending my family reunion, which guarantees to be a blast.

Kaitlyn has always been an amazing car rider.  She rarely gets upset, and rarely complains.  She has plenty to keep her busy on the ride; she has her DVD player (we are on #3 right now because she wears them out), her Leapster, the iPad, coloring books, and her workbook from school.  The only ones she did not utilize today were the coloring books.

Another thing that Kaitlyn rarely does on a long trip is sleep.  From what I gather, she is in the minority in that aspect.  She has never been one to sleep in the car.  Maybe that is in part to her general disdain for sleep in general, or maybe it is something else.

I am curious how other kids with Asperger’s and on the autism spectrum do on long trips. 


2 responses

  1. Terrific blog! I can speak from my own perspective as an Aspie. As a kid I I always loved watching the rhythmic patterns that develop when you are in motion–the lines on the road, fence posts and telephone poles, the way the wheels of other cars seem to go backward at high speed. It’s something very soothing, as is the gentle rocking of the car. There is also something to be said for going to a different location that can be researched and studied. I’ve found that my son–and my father for that matter–experience travel in a similar way.

  2. […] studied her map while we were on vacation, and worked on her math some […]

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