Mostly Successful

With the concerns that I had after our first group event with Kaitlyn’s classmates, I was rather concerned about how last night would play out since, in addition to dinner, we would be adding a movie to the fun this time.

Dinner and the time before the movie went great.  Kaitlyn did a great job in eating all of her dinner, although we rarely have any issues with her finishing her meals at Chick-fil-A.  After she ate, she played with her friends in the play area until it was time to head to the theater.  So far, so good.

It did not take long for a possible issue to arise, though.  We had intended to see the 6:45pm show of Madagascar 3, but I noticed, right about the time we got to the front of the line, that it was sold out.  Problem.  We now had about 6 kids in our group that were both separated from the other kids, and were either not going to see a movie, or would have to wait to see it.  We decided to see the next showing, at 7:45pm.  Now we had to keep the kids occupied and calm for an hour.

Luckily for us, one of the mothers of a kid in Kaitlyn’s class is a middle school teacher, and she sprung into action.  She had them all sit down and play a number guessing game, and then draw a few pictures.  Crisis averted.

We made it into the movie theater and grabbed some seats.  Kaitlyn did great when the lights went out, which made Amber and I feel pretty good about bringing her.  Previous trips to see a movie have not been too successful.  Kaitlyn did really good for most of the movie, but time started to catch up with her, so it was time for her to lean on Amber, and eventually make it on to my lap.

Overall, Amber and I thought the night was a success.  We liked the movie, but Kaitlyn did not quite feel the same way.  I am not sure if it was because she was tired from a long day, or because there was less of a playful theme to this edition of the Madagascar series, but she did not seem to care for it too much.  To be sure, we asked her this morning, and she gave us the same answer.

The next class get together is scheduled for next month, and the plan is to see the new Ice Age movie.  We have some time before we have to decide if we will go or not.


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