Knowing Where We Stand


Kaitlyn reminded us yesterday just where we stand.  And it really was not much of a surprise.

Yesterday afternoon, Amber received an email from the mom of Kaitlyn’s BFF from school asking if we were bringing Kaitlyn to the get together Saturday night.  Call it dinner and a movie, with the movie being Madagascar 3.  Amber and I agreed that Kaitlyn would go, and her BFF’s mom intimated that they were only going if Kaitlyn was going.

Of course, we did not present it to Kaitlyn in such a straightforward way.  When I got home from work, I asked Kaitlyn if she wanted to go to see the movie Saturday night with Amber and I.  She said that she did not want to go.  And then I mentioned that we would let her BFF’s mom know, and all of a sudden, Kaitlyn wanted to go.

She has missed her friends in the week since school ended, and having an opportunity to see them this weekend will be nice for Kaitlyn.  Personally, I cannot wait to see Madagascar 3.


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  1. […] I had after our first group event with Kaitlyn’s classmates, I was rather concerned about how last night would play out since, in addition to dinner, we would be adding a movie to the fun this […]

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