Pure Exhaustion

The first three days of summer camp have reminded Amber and I of something that we had surely forgotten.  And with good reason, because the event is very rare (although not as rare as Venus passing between the Earth and the sun).

It is possible for Kaitlyn to be purely exhausted.  An ordinary evening usually involves at least an hour of battling with her to go to sleep.  She will want to play in her bed or have a deep conversation.

Not so much so far this week.  All three nights have seen Kaitlyn fall asleep relatively fast.  Tuesday night, for example, we were watching something on TV, and right before we were going to have her head to her room for bed, we looked over and she was out cold.  Pretty much the same thing happened last night.  She was squirming on the couch while Amber was watching the CMT Awards, and she no sooner put her head down on the pillow and she was done for the night.

My hope is that this ease of going to sleep does not lead to her usual side-effect of being exhausted…throwing up (sorry if you are eating breakfast).  If it stays as just her going to sleep fast, Amber and I will be very happy.


3 responses

  1. Exhausted kids tend to make for easy nights as long as they don’t get too cranky before bed. Come to think of it that is true for wives as well 🙂

    1. Do you have my house bugged, sir?

      1. No. Jusr years of experience

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