Did You Know? Kaitlyn Edition

Maybe it is the fact that she is starting summer camp.  Or it could be that she retains so much information that it sometimes has to be shared.  Or maybe Kaitlyn is really smart.  Or possibly all three or some combination thereof.

This morning on the way to camp, I participated in a round of “Did You Know?” Kaitlyn-style.  Which is to say that I was not given any time to show her that I knew the answers.

Did you know…
…that a mountain lion can also be called a puma or a cougar?
…that another name for Shamu is an orca?
…that baby sharks are called “pups?”
…and no, sharks do not have baby dogs…
…that a baby horse is called a “foal?”

If you did not know any or all of those facts, or just sometimes need a refresher course, Kaitlyn is there for you.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Kaitlyn’s Did You Know?…



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