Camp Time

Judging by the weather forecast for this week (highs from 90 to 95, not including heat index values), summer is here already.  To be honest, summer seems to have been here for quite some time by now, so forget that the “official” start to summer is not until June 20.

Now that school is out for the summer, we had ver little trouble deciding on what she would be doing for summer camp this year.  She will be heading back to the Museum for camp again.  She enjoyed it so much last year, and is comfortable there, so there is no need to change.

Kaitlyn is very excited about heading back to camp again this summer.  She loves being out at the Museum, and the fact that it is outdoors most of the time is a nice bonus for Amber and I.  Kaitlyn is usually very exhausted when she comes home each afternoon.  Other than wearing Kaitlyn out, Amber and I enjoy that she is also learning while at camp.  It is very science and animal based, two areas that very much interest Kaitlyn.

As is also her custom, I fully expect Kaitlyn to go so hard at camp these first few days that she winds up sick.  That is a hallmark of most transtions for her; she takes a day or two to be comfortable, then runs herself into the ground.  I really do not expect a different outcome this summer.


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