ITBS Results

Everyone who reads this knows that I have been waiting a long time for the results of Kaitlyn’s Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) that she took in April (here, here, here, and here).  You might also remember that I am not a big fan of this type of testing, or the FCAT, and only subject Kaitlyn to them because it is required that she take them.  And since today was her last day of school, included with her report card were the results of her tests.

If you thought that I was beaming with pride about her final report card, just wait a minute and keep reading.

Kaitlyn’s Core Total, which describes her total achievement on the tests was an 80.  That placed her in the 80th percentile nationally, meaning she scored higher than 80% of kindergarten students in the country.  Wow!

Her math total was a 77.  Not too shabby in my book.  Kaitlyn worked a lot on her math at home during the school year, so this is a great number.

She did score below the national average (50th percentile) on vocabulary, scoring a 42.  Which if you read on, makes no sense.

Her reading words, reading comprehension, reading total, and word analysis all scored at a 99.  Her overall language score was a 99.  In those areas, Kaitlyn scored higher than 99% of all kindergarten kids in the country.

In the explanation area, it is noted that “two areas that contribute to reading comprehension are vocabulary and listening.”  Wait, vocabulary plays a vital role in reading comprehension?  Then how does a 42 in vocabulary help Kaitlyn score a 99 in comprehension?  It is almost like the explanation wants us to know that the test is ridiculous.  Doesn’t one need a strong vocabulary to be able to read at a higher level than 99% of students in the same grade?

Kaitlyn proved herself to be an excellent student this year, and also to be a very good test taker.  For a child with Asperger’s that struggles with focusing, she blew those tests out of the water.


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