Final Report Card

Along with today being the last day of school for Kaitlyn, it was also the day she brought home her last kindergarten report card.  She had done really well on her first three report cards (here, here, and here), making the honor roll twice (there was no honor roll for the first grading period).

Her last report card did not disappoint, either.  She made the honor roll again, making her three-for-three this year.  That is really awesome.  More importantly, she did not have any drop-off in any subject area, so she did an awesome job at maintaining her good work ethic the whole year.

And as always, I wanted to share the comments from her teacher on her report card.  They were very nice and made me choke up just a little bit.  Here is what her teacher wrote: “Kaitlyn has soared academically this year.  She reads and writes above grade level.  She also made growth socially, choosing to play with others as opposed to playing alone.”  How can our hearts not swell with pride reading words like “soared academically” and “made growth socially?”

In the end-of-year status box, every box was checked that she perfoms on grade level, and she has been promoted to 1st grade.  Kaitlyn worked hard this year to do her best, and for her to excel academically was not much of a surprise; for her to grow so much socially was truly a blessing.  She has a lot of social awkardness still, and still struggles in some social settings, but she is growing.  It is going to be a life-long process, and it will not always be easy for her in a social setting.


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