Day 180, The Last Day

180 days sure goes by fast.  It seems like just yesterday that Amber and I were taking Kaitlyn to the first day of school.  And I just picked her up on the last day of school.  Where did the school year go?  It’s hard to believe that 9 months ago, Kaitlyn started school.  Over the last 180 days, Kaitlyn was at school for 177 of them, something that Amber and I are very proud of. (There will be two other entries coming today, one about her report card and one about her test scores).

Now, she gets to start her summer.  She is excited, yet sad.  She is excited about going to summer camp again.  She will be going to the same camp she went to last year, so there is that familiarity there, which is very important for her.  A few kids from her class will also be going to the camp again this year, which is also a really good thing.

But, Kaitlyn was also a little sad today.  She was sad that she won’t see her teacher again for a while, and will not be in her class anymore.  She really enjoyed her class.  She is sad that she won’t see all of her friends for a while.  And she is sad that school is out because she loves going and loves learning.

Kaitlyn was up earlier than usual this morning.  We heard her open her door at 6:20 this morning.  Apparently, she could not wait to get her day started.  As usual, she had breakfast and relaxed for a little bit.  After she got dressed, she freshened up on her reading.  Yep, she did some reading on her own before the last day of school.  Then, it was off to school.

She had no idea when she went to school how she was getting home today.  I am sure that she assumed that Amber would be picking her up as is usually the case.  But we were careful not to mention anything about her being picked up after school, just in case she would get upset at a change of plans without her knowledge.  Instead of Amber picking her up, I decided to take the afternoon off and surprise her, and surprised she was!  It was nice for me to be able to pick her up, especially today.  It felt like a good way to bookend her year.

We plan on having Kaitlyn relax a lot this summer.  She will be busy with summer camp.  We have a vacation coming right around the corner as well.  But we are going to also keep her in learning mode.  We do not want her to get out of the rhythm of doing some kind of learning.  And, there might also be some swimming this summer for her, too (although not in the pool pictured below).


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