Journal Entries

As promised, I wanted to share some of my favorite entries from Kaitlyn’s journal this year.  I love the growth she experienced in her writing, and it is neat to see what interests her the most.  I will share what she wrote, and some translations since she spelled some of the harder words by sounding them out.

Her very first one, dated August 25:  “I like rain” with a picture of a rainbow (she likes rainbows).

In another, she wrote, “I like to play on the pink slide.”  She has always been a fan of slides.

On October 25: “I’m gnna be Minnie for Halloween.” She was Minnie Mouse for Halloween.

November 7: “I like my boosr ton ball with my dad.” She likes her Boosterthon ball with her dad.

From November 14: “Wen somebody is hert I help them.”  Always looking to lend a hand.

November 16: “I like the scool bus bekese I like naping.”  Who doesn’t like taking a nap on the school bus?

On December 1: “December is here!  Becas on crasimas I open prasens becas we make mile and cookies becas Santa likes them.”  Excitement for Christmas and making cookies and leaving milk for Santa.

A New Year’s resolution came on January 5: “Happy New Year!  This year I will behave in chrch becas if I behave in chrch I will get some snacks.”  Whatever motivates her to behave in church works for us.

February 6: “I watched the Puppy Bowl this weekd.”  She obviously did not care about the Super Bowl.

She also shared in an undated entry:  “I’m on the 5th level of Lexia.  Do you know why?  Because I finish with the 4th level of Lexia.”  Lexia is a computer-based reading program, and Kaitlyn excelled in using that program all year.  She received two stars and a “super” from her teacher for a proper contraction and use of a question mark.  Notice that her spelling is improving.

After ITBS testing, and with a full color 100% on the top of the page: “The test was called ITBS.  I think I got one huned pecnt.  I did relly good on the test.”  I cannot wait to see her scores.  I am sure she did a great job and tried her hardest.

And finally:  “I went to all of the 1st grade classes.  I met new friends named: Nate Olivia and other friends.  I think I will like 1st grade.”  Such a positive outlook.

There are a lot of entries that I did not include, but Amber and I have read them all.  We are proud of each and every entry, and that she really seemed to enjoy writing in her journal.  Kaitlyn spells like one would expect a kindergarten student to spell, and seems to have done a good job in trying to sound out each word.  We love that Kaitlyn enjoys going to school and learning, and plan on working with Kaitlyn to keep the positive attitude toward school.

Tomorrow is the last day of school, and Tuesday night, Kaitlyn was almost beside herself in tears and saying how much she will miss her teacher.  Amber and I are very thankful for the patience Kaitlyn’s teacher has shown this year, and how she has been a willing partner with us in Kaitlyn’s overall educational plan.  We felt all year that there was open communication between us and her teacher, and I think that was a very important part of Kaitlyn’s success.


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