A Case of The Giggles

First, what an awesome weekend!  Kaitlyn seems to have a real understanding of Memorial Day, and a real pride in our country.  She insisted on helping me put our flag up, and kept watching all weekend to make sure the wind was blowing it nicely (especially yesterday, thanks to Beryl).

She also developed a severe case of the giggles at some point over the weekend.  Once she would get started laughing, it was hard to get her to stop.  It was even more pronounced as she started to get more and more tired.

There really are few things that bring me more joy than when she gets a good laughing spell.  It makes everything better.  She is happier and we are happier, too.  That is one of the most amazing aspects of her personality, her infectous laughter. 

Kaitlyn finishes up with school this week, and she seems happy about it.  As much as she loves school, she has endured a lot of stress over it also.  And it will only increase as she continues on.  Summer is almost here, and I don’t anticipate her having any trouble enjoying it, or staying motivated to learn.


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