Kaitlyn wraps up her kindergarten experience this week with three half days of school.  Three days, and then she can relax a little for the summer.  This past week, her teacher sent home a giant stack of her work from this year.  As I was going through the stack, I noticed two giant math workbooks; these were the workbooks that they used in class to prepare for the weeklong ITBS testing.

No sooner had I changed out of my work clothes had Kaitlyn retrieved the workbooks off of the counter and had them at the table.  I did not think much of it, until she opened one and started working on some of the lessons.  She was working very hard to get through several lessons because in her mind, they were due this week.  Amber and I had to convince her that she did not have to do the lessons that night.

I have a feeling that she will work her way through both workbooks this summer.  She likes school, and she enjoys learning.  We won’t discourage her at all from working on the lessons, we just do not want her putting a lot of pressure on herself to get them done all in one day.  She has worked very hard to do her very best in school this year, and Amber and I are very proud of her.  She needs to just sit back and relax a little this summer and enjoy being away from school.  Her teacher recommended some things that we can work on this summer, and we fully intend to follow her recommendations.  We want Kaitlyn to be a well-rounded student, but also to enjoy being a kid.

Kaitlyn is very excited about the end of the school year and going to first grade next year.  She has told us who she wants as her teacher, but we do not get too much input on that one.

I hope to share this week some highlights from the journal that Kaitlyn kept this year.  It gives some fascinating insights into what really goes on in her head, and seeing the growth she experienced this year is amazing to me.


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