Testing, Testing, Testing

With statewide FCAT scores released last week, I thought it may be a good time to give a quick update on some of the testing/computerized work Kaitlyn is subjected to.  First, a note about the FCAT (which, thankfully, Kaitlyn will not have to endure for a few more years): close to 80% of students statewide failed the test this year with the new, updated test and tougher standards.  The state Board of Education quickly adjusted the passing level; I didn’t know that these tests were graded on a “curve.”

Anyway, I emailed Kaitlyn’s teacher to get an update on her SuccessMaker scores, which we had not gotten since October.  It seems the district started a new version last month, so Kaitlyn’s score was low.  Her teacher confirmed that it was not an accurate reflection of her reading ability.  Her FAIR level was a 1.5, about midway through 1st grade in reading, which is closer her reading level.  Her teacher says that Kaitlyn would be even higher if she slowed down when she reads.  She tends to skip words, changing the meaning of the passages she is reading (I tend to do that also).

Academically, she is doing great.  She needs to slow down make sure she completes each activity.  We will be getting her ITBS scores after school ends next week, and that should be interesting.


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