Involved In The Process

Over the past few weeks, Amber and I have talked a lot about looking for a new house.  She had been looking at houses online just for fun, but we recently became a little more serious.  So, we decided to start the process.  We got our pre-qualification done, found a realtor, and made a list of houses.

One of the first discussions Amber and I had was whether or not to involve Kaitlyn in the process.  And if we did involve her, how much would we involve her?  Because one of her areas where she struggles most is with transitions, we agreed that she needed to come along with us as we looked for houses.  We wanted her to get a feel for each one, and we wanted her input on each as well.  The last thing we wanted to do was to find one on our own, and her be miserable once we finally were moved in.

Yesterday, we met our realtor for the first time.  She is very experienced and seems to be in-tune with what we are looking for.  She took us to several houses, and answered any questions we had.

A few of the houses we visited had pools, and that meant Kaitlyn was immediately in love with it.  She was already making plans to invite her BFF over after the first one we saw.  It seemed like no other house, with or without a pool, measured up for her.  We were in one pretty nice house that had a big yard and a pool, and Kaitlyn just sat by the window saying how much she did not like that house over the first one.  I even had to show her that we were less than 5 minutes from her BFF’s house, compared to almost 10 minutes at the first place.  It did not matter.

One of the last houses we looked at was the one that Kaitlyn immediately loved.  From the first second she spotted the yard, she was sold.  When we were leaving the house and the realtor commented that it was “move-in ready,” Kaitlyn was ready to come home and start packing.  We had to explain to her that it may be some time before we find a new house.

I would say the first part of house hunting has been a success.  Kaitlyn was really involved in the process, and she gave her input and asked questions.  The next part is deciding whether or not any of the houses from yesterday are what we want, or if we want to keep looking.  It is a Catch-22 of sorts because we do not want to jump at the first house we like, but we also do not want to wait and miss out.


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