Showdown Time


One of the most amazing things about participating in Miracle Sports is the support the athletes get from FSU athletes.  On any given Thursday, we have Seminoles out there helping out (especially our favorite swimmer).

Tonight was another Seminole Showdown.  This past fall, the Miracle athletes took on the FSU baseball team, and tonight they took on the football team. 

If it is fair to say the athletes enjoy themselves every Thursday, it is also true that they get even more excited to take on the Seminoles.  Smiles were plentiful on both sides of the ball as Team Miracle scored a hard-earned win over the Noles.  Kaitlyn scored a touchdown, and played excellent defense as she covered EJ Manuel.

I thoroughly enjoy our time on the Miracle Field.  Especially when it comes to playing football.  Kaitlyn would not be at home on a football field with “regular” kids playing by well-established rules; at Miracle, she plays like an All American.  And, most importantly, Kaitlyn has a great time.  I doubt that she would enjoy playing league football, yet she is all about playing football every Thursday.

As is custom, the Seminole Showdown marked the end of another season.  I am thankful, as always, to the regular Green Teamers (Ryan, Holly, Mike, David, Caroline, Kristy and everyone else), and also to the football players that showed up tonight (EJ Manuel, Anthony Porterfield, Lonnie Pryor, Dustin Hopkins, and the rest).  We have seen so much growth from Kaitlyn since we began playing Miracle Sports over a year ago.

*The picture in this post is of Kaitlyn locking down EJ Manuel*


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