Getting Ready For My Quiz

On the way to school this morning, Kaitlyn mentioned the American Flag.  Specifically, she mentioned the 50 stars and 13 stripes on our flag, and what they represented.

She is fully aware that each state is represented by a star, and also knew a little about the stripes.  She knew that the stripes represented our original 13 colonies (“states” as she put it).

And then she asked me what the original 13 colonies were.  I was able to get her four before she had to get out of the car, and I promised to tell her the rest after school.  When I told Amber about it, I prefaced it with “if she remembers.”  I should know better, and Amber pointed out that she will remember.  So I have homework to do before I get home because there will be a quiz.

For the record, I gave her Georgia, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

(I thought the picture below was a good one for today with Kaitlyn’s interest in outer space and the presence of the flag on the moon.)



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