The Flower

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at Kaitlyn’s school.  The PTO provided parents with an agenda that laid out the activity or event that the students would be participating in (and that is a good thing for me because I love a nice schedule).

Today, Kaitlyn was supposed to bring in a flower for her teacher and the teacher the class “adopted” for the week, one of the guidance counselors.  Wanting to make sure Kaitlyn did not take in wilted flowers, Amber and I decided to wait until yesterday to buy them.  And we almost waited too long, but we were able to pick up some nice purple daisies for Kaitlyn to take in (I picked daisies because they are Amber’s favorite).

This morning, as I was getting the flowers ready for Kaitlyn to take, a mini-meltdown occurred.  Each stem from the bunch had more than one flower on it, and Kaitlyn understood the directions to mean that she was the bring one flower for each teacher.  We were able to convince her that it would be ok because it was still one stem for each…crisis averted.

As it turned out, having multiple flowers on each stem turned out to be a good thing for Kaitlyn and a boy in her class.  Apparently, one of the students in her class did not bring in his flowers, and then it was Kaitlyn to the rescue.  With her caring, servant’s heart, she shared some of her extra flowers with him so he was not empty handed.  This is the type of thing that Kaitlyn does quite frequently; she is always willing to give of herself for others.  She has a deep concern for her friends, and a strong loyalty to them as well.  That is an area where her Asperger’s has enhanced the values we are trying to instill in her.


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