Not A Survivor


Last night,Kaitlyn was as upset as she has been since Andy and Tommy were eliminated from the Amazing Race last fall.  All season during Survivor, Kaitlyn has hoped each week that Kat would not be voted off the island.

Kat’s run ended last night.  As the “survivors” were at Tribal Council and casting votes for who would no longer be in the running for the million dollar prize, Amber and I kept checking on Kaitlyn.  When host Jeff Probst began reading the votes, we watched as Kaitlyn became more and more upset with each vote cast against Kat.  And when Jeff announced that Kat had been voted off, Kaitlyn burst into tears; uncontrollable, streaming tears.  To her, she had lost the game as well.

Kaitlyn loves shows like Survivor and the Amazing Race, and usually does not become this attached to any of the contestants.  Every once in a while, however, she invests fully in one (or a team) and if they do not win, Kaitlyn takes it personally.  We can’t exactly not let her watch the shows, either, because of this occasional investment; doing so would only serve as an unjust punishment for no reason.


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