Glad That’s Over

This was a very long week for Kaitlyn.  Very long.  Five days of taking the ITBS test.  It was also not a very fun week, either.

She woke up every morning already stressed out about the day ahead.  A child that usually loves going to school, I heard her say this week that she “does not like taking tests” and that she “does not like going to school.”

That is what standardized testing has done to Kaitlyn.  She did not want to even go to school this week at all.  Taking the ITBS tests sucked all the joy out of going to school for Kaitlyn.  And that is sad.  It is also a statement on what these tests can do to kids.  I would venture a guess that she is not the only child that now has a different outlook on going to school.

Part of the pressure of the week that Kaitlyn felt was of her own making.  She brought home the practice test with the 100% on it last week, thereby establishing the standard in her head.  Amber and I asked only that she try her hardest and do her best; we refuse to let her be defined by this week of testing.  Whatever her score is, we will be proud of her.  I asked one of the ladies at work if her daughter in kindergarten mentioned anything about the testing, and she had not.  Her daughter was not making a big deal of the testing at all.

We did our best to take her mind off of her testing after school.  Tuesday she spent the evening playing with the Sprague boys, Wednesday we let her choose where we went to dinner (Chick-fil-a of course), and Thursday was Miracle day.  The school staff did a great job in keeping the kids motivated; they had treats for the kids every day as a reward for being a “good test taker.”

As a family, we are glad this week is behind us.  Kaitlyn can get back into her regular routine at school, and will be able to go back to enjoying going to school.


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