It’s Going To Be Another Long Day

I knew when Kaitlyn said that just before we left for school this morning that this week’s testing is starting to wear her out.  Today marks day three of ITBS testing, the math section.

If Monday and Tuesday are any indication, Kaitlyn will be flat-out exhausted when she gets home from school today.  Monday, she looked like she had not slept in weeks; her eyes were puffy and she just looked plain tired.  Yesterday was more of the same.

But she did have a nice diversion after school yesterday.  Instead of coming home, we had a “special surprise” in store for her, to help get her mind off of school.  Amber took her over to the Sprague house so that she could play with her “best friends.”  They were over there for a few hours of much needed play time and time for Kaitlyn to not worry about school and testing.

This morning, however, the stress was clearly back.  In addition to her long day remark, she expressed herself in what I think is part of her coping mechanism.  Every morning on the way to school, she has a snack in the car.  Today, after she finished her snack, she was quieter than usual, and I found out that the reason why was that she was chewing on a piece of the wrapper (she did not have the entire thing in her mouth and it was intact when it went into the garbage bag).  I have observed recently that when she becomes stressed or worked up or agitated, her fingers or some other object head toward her mouth.  It must be a soothing thing for her.

I imagine that Kaitlyn is not the only kindergarten student having a stressful week, and that makes me question even more the point of testing kindergarten students.  Five and six year old kids are too young for this type of pressure and stress.


4 responses

  1. Yeah she was chewing on a lollipop stick on the way home last night. It breaks my heart that she’s so stressed.

    1. The more I think about it, that has to be her way of coping. She is all out of sorts right now.

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