Looking To Rebound

The last 11 days at school have not been the best for Kaitlyn.  For some reason, she has not been on her best behavior at school.  Five times in the last 11 days, she has either been on yellow fox (3 times) or red fox (twice).  Not quite the standard we have for her.

So starting today, we are looking for her to rebound behavior-wise.  We had a long talk with her last night and explained the importance of being a green fox.  We talked about the three “Be” rules at school: be safe, be respectful, and be responsible.  Our focus was on being respectful.

It was a pretty simple question: “Does your teacher have rules?”  The answer was that there are rules.  “Are you being respectful when you break the rules?”  No, it is not respectful to break the rules.  And that is when I saw the light go off in her head.  By breaking a classroom rule, she was breaking a school rule, and she did not want to do that.

We drove to school today with a fresh outlook and approach to the day.  Hopefully, our little talk did some good and she does not land on yellow fox or red fox again.


(No, the students are not given a “Redd Foxx” when they have multiple behavior issues during the day!)


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