A Marketing Director’s Dream

Kaitlyn never ceases to amaze me.  Her memory is amazing.  The things that come out of her mouth sometimes just floor us.  There is rarely a dull moment around our house.

One thing that Kaitlyn seems to be is the dream target audience for a marketing professional.  All she has to do is see or hear a commercial once or twice, and she knows the tagline or slogan for a company.  We can hardly go out to eat without our little marketing director reminding us to “Eat more chicken” when we visit Chick-fil-A.  Or that Moe’s is a “Southwest Grill.”  She reminds us to “Eat Fresh” when we pass a Subway.  She knows that “Shopping is a Pleasure” at Publix as well. (The slogans mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners and their use does not imply support for autism or Asperger’s)

I don’t know if marketing people have people with Asperger’s in mind when they create a catchy slogan, but maybe they should.  Kaitlyn does not always decide where we shop or eat, but her interests and likes are taken into consideration more often than not.

Because of her penchant for recalling slogans, she does a decent job at the Logo board game (although she is not quite as good as Amber and I).  Who knows, maybe we are grooming a marketing guru or a future NASCAR driver (she would never leave a sponsor out, but would have to get over the whole shyness thing).



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