Maybe it is just part of having a daughter, but I have always wondered why Kaitlyn is as dramatic as she is.  Everything that happens these days elicits a very dramatic response.

A few examples:
*She scraped up her knee and hand at school, and favored each as if they had been amputated.
*Amber left 5 minutes early for work, and Kaitlyn was heartbroken.
*I had the nerve to change the channel during a commercial, and she flipped out and started to cry.  She apparently loves commercials.

There are plenty of examples I could share, but I think you get the picture.  Is her drama solely a girl thing?  Or is it a girl thing mixed with Asperger’s?  And the bigger question: if it is this bad now, what will her teenage years look like?

We work every day to ensure that Kaitlyn is responding appropriately to situations, but are lost when it comes to reducing the drama (or maybe I am lost and Amber is just enjoying the show as she watches me try to figure out a solution).


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  1. […] I may have only written about this once before, but that does not mean that it is not a constant in our home.  The constant I am referring to, of course, is drama. […]

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