Bear With Me Here

Kaitlyn’s school provides a ListServ email service that keeps us up to date with what is going on in school.  It has been a great source of information for us all year.

And then today, I received an email about a special day tomorrow.  Tomorrow is “Wear Purple For Our Military” day; the school asked parents to have the kids wear purple as a show of support for the students who have parents in the military.  And I think that is awesome.  I am proud of our military and am among the first to defend those in uniform.  My issue with tomorrow has nothing to do with our military, so please do not read this that way.

My issue is that the school did nothing for autism.  And they have a class devoted to students with autism.  And the most teachers in the district with an autism endorsement.  It is not like the school is completely ignorant about autism.  If anything, the school is ahead of others in the district when it comes to knowledge about autism.

Maybe they did not have a blue day for autism because nobody asked.  If so, you can bet I wil be making that request.  I don’t think it is asking too much to create autism awareness.  I will be happy to work with the school to make it happen.

So if you are reading this, please wear purple tomorrow to support our military and their families.


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