I Had To Look It Up


I had no idea what Kaitlyn was talking about when we were in the car this morning.  She looked out the window and observed that we had a “gibbous moon.”  I know very little about the lunar calendar; I would categorize what I know as probably just as much as you know about the lunar calendar and moon phases.

Kaitlyn knows more.  Apparently, she pays way more attention in school when they are learning about the moon than I did.  And I don’t think we learned about the gibbous moon in kindergarten (although I am sure we learned about it at some point before the end of high school).

Anyway, a gibbous moon is when the moon is illuminated anywhere from seeing only the right half to seeing only the left half.  (The moon in the picture above is a waxing gibbous moon, or one on the way to being a full moon).  I checked online, and our current lunar cycle puts us at a waning gibbous moon, which is the one Kaitlyn taught me about today.  Waning gibbous indicates that the moon is phasing toward the new moon stage.

Thanks to Kaitlyn, I learned something today about the moon.

She seems to take a big interest in the stars and the sky.   Who knows, maybe she is already cultivating a thirst for knowledge and for her future.


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