Rainbow Sky

If there is one positive I can think of that is the result of the time change a few weeks ago, it is that Kaitlyn and I get to see the sunrise together every morning (well, the mornings that are not cloudy) on the way to school.

She is fascinated with the way the sky looks as the sun is coming up.  She calls it a “rainbow sky” and points it out every morning.  She likes for me to “chase” the sky so she can see it longer, so I do my best to keep up.

The best part is that it makes me take stock every morning of what is most important, and that is enjoying what is around me.  Yes, there will be spells when things aren’t going great (see yesterday’s entry), but each morning provides a new beginning, and Kaitlyn is the one who points it out.

The sunrise has quickly become yet another area of extreme and intense interest for her.  I hope she continues to enjoy it for a long time.


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