A Few Steps Back

Contrary to what political geniuses will claim, the actual opposite of “progress” is “regress.”  And over the past six to eight weeks, we have seen significant regression in Kaitlyn.  Regression in her behavior, her discipline, and her attitude. 

While some of the observed regression may be attributed to just “being a kid,” a majority remains unexplained.  It has been very frustrating for us.

That is not to say that every day has been filled with terrible behavior, but there have been enough incidents to warrant some concern.  I have a feeling that we are witnessing some of the worst Asperger Syndrome can throw at us.

Recently, getting through to Kaitlyn for even the smallest of tasks has been very difficult to nearly impossible.  She seems to sometimes be completely locked in her own little world, without much concern for what is going on around her.  She is present with us, but still distant.  Frustrating.  And her regression has extended to school as well.  She has averaged, over the past six weeks or so, at least one yellow fox per week, and racked up three last week alone.  Each yellow fox has been for the same thing: not following instructions.

I guess we cannot complain too much, however.  We had quite the run of amazing behavior, and that meant there was bound to be a time where she would take a few steps back. 

From here, I don’t know what our next attempt will look like to get her back on track.  What I do know is that we need to get her back on track soon. 


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