Report Card 3

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about Kaitlyn getting her second report card, and the first with actual grades.  She made the honor roll then, and Amber and I were very excited and proud.

Today, Kaitlyn brought home her third report card, and it looks very much like her second report card.  And that means she has made the honor roll again!  Her love of school is reflected in what she has been bringing home.

Kaitlyn pretty much maintained in every area, but did manage to improve in three areas.  She showed improvement in her effort and participation in language arts, moving from a 2 (inconsistent) to a 3 (consistent).  In math, she also made the move from a 2 to a 3.  And in her work/study skills, she moved from an S (demonstrates characteristics) to an E (very consistent demonstration).  She did also regress in one area, unfortunately.  In her ability to handle conflicts and problems appropriately, she went from consistently demonstrating that behavior/skill to having nothing in that box this time.  Not great, but also not a surprise based off of her weekly progress reports.

I always enjoy the comments that her teacher provides as well, because it is pretty much the one area where she is allowed to have control over her input and what parents know (instead of constantly having to “teach to the test” and get the kids ready for standardized testing).  Her teacher noted that, she is “particularly pleased with the writing progress this grading period.  Kaitlyn is adding more detail to her writing and the conventions are really showing growth.”  She also noted that Kaitlyn reads well above grade level.

Next up, Kaitlyn will be taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, which will help determine her readiness to advance to first grade next year.  While I have my concerns about the necessity of testing kindergarten children for advancement, I am confident that Kaitlyn will do just fine.  She will do just fine as long as she takes her time, and makes sure to follow instructions completely.

The end of the school year is a mere nine weeks away.  Time sure is flying by.


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