1 of 10 (out of 50)


Wow, what an awesome night!  We found out around 3:00 this afternoon that Florida was going to be one of the ten state capitals to particiapte in Light It Up Blue.  Immediately, Amber and I knew we had to be there.  The crowd may have been small, but the cause is huge.

I am very proud of our state and the fact that we have our Old Capitol Building bathed in blue tonight.  Words cannot describe what I feel right now.

We were standing on the steps of the Old Capitol with the Poosers and Sarah, listening to Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater read the proclamation about Florida’s participation, and it was hard to keep the tears from welling up in my eyes.  To know that there are actually some in our state government that care makes me extremely happy.  And while tonight’s turnout was rather small, you can guarantee that I will spend the next 365 days reminding people about next year’s World Autism Awareness Day!  To top off our evening, Mr. Atwater gave us a private, guided tour of the Old Capitol Building.  What a night!



4 responses

  1. I’m beyond proud of Florida right now!

  2. I am proud also, if not somewhat surprised. Maybe next year it will be twenty state capitals and then fifty. Maybe even the White House.

    1. This year was a start. 10 is better than zero. The building looked great, too.

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