Everywhere I Turn

I realized something the other night as I was getting Kaitlyn’s bed ready for her.  For some reason, as I was plugging in her night-light, I was struck by one of the pictures I saw.  It is a black and white one of her playing with our friend’s dog at their lake house up at Lake Eufaula.  What struck me is the realization of what Kaitlyn has experienced in less than six years.  And the pictures we have of these experiences.

Everywhere I turn in our house, there is a picture of something we have done as a family.  Field of Dreams, road trip to Pittsburgh, any of our many trips to Disney.  Everything is represented on our walls, and in our photo albums.  And Kaitlyn just loves to look at the pictures, especially the ones of her!

I realized how fortunate we are to do so many things as a family, and to do so many things we all enjoy.  Even more important is that wherever we go, we have a camera at the ready.  You just never know when you will capture that “magic” moment, and we cannot always rely on our memories to be the most accurate recording of what we did.

Mostly, I want Kaitlyn to be able to look at the pictures we have, and be able to understand that nothing about her, or us as a family, or the adventures we had together, changed after her diagnosis.  And I want her to see how proud we are of her, and how much we adore her.

If you are ever at our house, you will not be able to help yourself but to see some sort of memory on our walls.



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