What Time Is It?

Kaitlyn asks that question.  A lot.  A trait of Asperger’s is an intense focus or interest on a particular item, object, or concept.  Kaityln happens to obsessed with the time.

She always wants to know the time, asks us to guess the time, and is pretty good about being places on-time.  She is somewhat fascinated by the ticking clock on 60 Minutes, and if something is supposed to start (or we are supposed to be somewhere by a certain time), she gets a bit agitated when there is a delay.  In particular, she gets antsy most Sunday nights during football season because the fine folks at CBS think that each game will end exactly at a certain time, but they almost without fail run long and push back regular programming, most notably The Amazing Race.

When we tell her that she can do something at a certain time, she will sometimes sit and stare at the clock until the designated time arrives.  In the minutes leading up to the specified time, she will provide us with an update each time the clock changes.

She excels, like most kids her age I imagine, at reading a digital clock.  But she has also done well with a standard clock (the kind with an hour hand, a minute hand, and a second hand) since she was about three years old.  For that, we have to thank our friend Todd; we had to leave Kaitlyn with him for a day and she was really upset, wanting to know when it was time to leave.  So he helped soothe her by teaching her how to tell time (thankfully he did not resort to teaching her how to call a defense since that is his area of expertise).

Right now, I would guess that Kaitlyn is keeping track of what time it is, and what she is supposed to be doing in school
Daddy’s little girl.



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