Heartbroken and Disappointed

Kaitlyn loves anything Disney.  She loves going to Disney, playing with Disney character toys, collecting Disney plush characters, and watching anything Disney, especially Disney Channel.  And boy was she excited when she saw the ads running for the past month or so that informed her that there would be a channel dedicated just to the shows that she loves (Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Chuggington, etc.).  She could not wait for March 23 to arrive.

Last night, she was so excited that she insisted that it was time for bed, well before her regular bedtime and well before the bedtime she has had during Spring Break.  She was bouncing all around the house as the excitement and anticipation continued to build.  She just knew that when she woke up this morning, she would be able to watch the Disney Junior Channel, and watch it all day (if she were allowed to).

But alas, she awoke to heartbreak and disappointment.  Because we have Direct TV, we will not be getting that channel.  Kaitlyn was devastated.  Once I came home from work, Amber and I all but decided that we could not let her little heart be broken too long.  We, and, judging by the messages boards on Direct TV’s website, will be switching providers.  Seeing the disappointment and heartbreak that Kaitlyn had today is not something we want to make a habit out of.



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