Video Helps

I had some reservations about having my mother-in-law fly down from Iowa to spend a week with Kaitlyn.  Not for the reasons you might be thinking.  Knowing that Kaitlyn can be a tad on the shy side around a lot of people, I thought maybe it would take her some time to adjust and feel comfortable.  I am happy that I was wrong.

Grandma from Iowa arrived late last Thursday, and you would have thought that Kaitlyn sees her all the time.  She did not hesitate at all, was not at all uncomfortable.  And I reached a hypothesis as to why this is.

We use Skype to chat, Amber with her mom and me with my parents.  And each time we video chat, we make sure that Kaitlyn is right there with us.  Let’s face it, our parents really do not want to see that much of us, after all.  By utilizing video chat, Kaitlyn gets an opportunity to see her grandparents, and that is very important.  With not having immediate family in town, this is the best way for them to see her, and for her to get used to seeing them.  It has helped with my parents, and worked again with Amber’s mom.  Sometimes it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference.



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