Good Directions

Amber made an interesting observation the other day.  She wondered who gave her more instructions when she was driving, me or Kaitlyn.  While I will admit that I do offer advice, I think Kaitlyn wins this one.

For a 5 year old, Kaitlyn is really good at getting places.  She has quite the knack for remembering the most efficient way and best way to get almost anywhere we go.  Take her somewhere once, she will remember how we got there and how to get back.

I am that way, too, and it has to drive Amber crazy. 

Kaitlyn has that rare gift of being able to recall directions.  She knows landmarks, business locations, street names, and exit numbers.  I really don’t think we need a GPS anymore; all we have to do is show her a map of the route we want to take, and let her guide us (this method will not be used on our summer vacation trip).

I saw once that a child with Asperger’s drew, from memory, the correct text from each exit sign on I-10 from near Pensacola to almost Lake City, a span of close to 300 miles.  That is pretty impressive in my book.  And Kaitlyn impresses us every day with the things she says and does.


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