Something Wrong With My Brain

Every so often, Kaitlyn will just do something, or behave in a way, that is completely out of character for her.  I think Amber and I do a good job setting realistic expectations for her regarding her behavior, etc., and when she deviates from our expectations, we are fairly consistent with our responses.

There are times, however, that we are just completely blown away by something she has said or done.  And I am usually the one to ask the question.  I ask her what she was thinking.

She tries hard to come up with an answer, and sometimes actually gives us one that explains everything appropriately.  Then there are the times that she answers with, “I don’t know.  There is something wrong with my brain.”  Amber and I immediately correct her and tell her that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her brain.

Those times always lead me down the same road, and that is trying to determine when we should tell her about her Asperger’s.  I’ve written on here in the past about this exact topic, thinking we had quite some time before it was time.  We may have less time than we originally thought.  At some point in the very near future, we are going to have to address her claim that something is wrong with her brain.  We are going to have to sit her down and tell her that her brain is fine, and explain to her about herself.  I am nervous about this conversation, and I think Amber is, too.

The most important thing she will have to know is that there is nothing wrong with her brain, and that Asperger’s is part of what makes her such a special little girl (and a smart little girl, and why she seems to relate to Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory.).  The time is coming, coming soon, and coming fast.



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