Nobody To Play With

This past weekend, Kaitlyn’s Papa and Gran came for a visit.  As has become customary anytime any of her grandparents visit, Kaitlyn was spoiled tremendously.  Pretty much whatever she mentioned she wanted, she got.

They ended up having to leave a little earlier than they had expected, and Kaitlyn did not take it very well.  She gets upset anytime our company leaves, and today was no different.  She cried for quite some time after they left.  And then she said something that pretty much broke mine and Amber’s hearts.  She said that now she had “nobody to play with.”

We were confused at first.  She has her friends at school that she sees frequently; she has the Spragues.  But that is not what she meant.  She was sad this morning because, other than Amber and I, she has no other family close.  She does have her big sister Jen here, but this seemed to be deeper than that.

We love living in Tallahassee, and we love when people come to visit.  And by living here, we accept that we do not get to spend as much time with our extended families as we would like.  All that being said, we do sometimes feel like Kaitlyn is missing out.  Family is very important to me and to Amber, but we are in no way going to ask anybody to uproot their lives to move here (although we won’t discourage it, either).  We stay in touch with family on Skype as much as we can, but I think that Kaitlyn is not really impressed or satisfied with that.

In a perfect world, Kaitlyn would have more family close, but that is just not the case.  Amber and I will just have to make the extra effort to make sure that she knows that even though her grandparents, etc., are not right here, they are a very important part of her life.

**Any family that is reading this and starts to consider moving here, please let us know.  There are plenty of houses for sale around here and we would be happy to take you on a tour and help you find the perfect home.  Just saying.



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