A Great Week

Every Friday this school year has brought disappointment for Kaitlyn.  Not disappointment that the weekend was here, although she loves school enough to make that believable, but disappointment that another week had passed that she was not Student of the Week.

This Friday was different.  Amber sent me a text after she picked Kaitlyn up from school telling me that Kaitlyn had great news for me when I got home.  Of course, I could not wait to get home to find out what it was.  And I figured that Kaitlyn would greet me at the door with her wonderful news.  I was wrong.

I asked her the usual questions, if she had a good day, if she was a green fox.  The answers were yes and yes.  Amber asked her if there was anything else she wanted to tell me, and Kaitlyn said, “nope.”  It seems that she had already moved on from the big news.  After a little bit of prodding, Kaitlyn told me that she was Student of the Week for this past week.

Amber and I are very proud of her.  She was justly rewarded for being nice and playing nice (according to her).  We are very happy that she finally got the honor because it really was getting her down.  The school even gave her a gift certificate for Red Elephant.

Being named Student of the Week was the perfect end to a great week.  And now the bar is set for next week!



One response

  1. No need to reset the bar. Be happy and enjoy. there will be plenty of time to raise the bar in the future. If she were student of the week every week she would be missing out on some other facet of growing up. I hope she can experience them all.

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