Teacher Conference Two

After two cancellations, Amber and I finally had our second parent/teacher conference with Kaitlyn’s teacher today.  We were hoping to get an idea of where Kaitlyn was in certain areas and how she has been progressing (getting her to tell us is rather difficult).  We had our first conference back in October, so it was probably a good idea to have another one.

During our October conference, we learned how Kaitlyn was doing in two testing areas that help the school determine whether or not she is ready to move on to first grade, Success Maker reading and Success Maker math.  In October, she was already close to what is expected of a first grader in math, scoring a .93 on a 1.0 scale.  As of today, she is over the 1.0 level, and her teacher expressed confidence that she is more than ready for first grade as far as math goes.  In reading, however, she was at a .12 in October.  As of today, she is at a .60, which is pretty much right on track for being at a 1.0 by the end of the school year.  Her teacher did express some frustration with the Success Maker product in general because it does not necessarily accurately measure true reading ability and comprehension.  For a child like Kaitlyn that lacks some of the patience necessary for that product, the score is generall inaccurate and low.  Good to know.  We also learned that Kaitlyn is a level four and close to making level five on their Lexia reading program; level five is considered to be what a mid-year first grader would be at.  Of course, we are not too concerned with Kaitlyn’s reading ability because she tends to read really well, and is bringing home books designed for first and second graders (the Mercy Watson series).  We also got to see the journal that Kaitlyn has been keeping in class, and her teacher was very impressed with today’s explanatory sentences and the use of “first,” “next,” and “last” as assigned today (Kaitlyn wrote about the proper way to make a cake).

Socially, Kaitlyn is also making good progress according to her teacher.  While she still has to have her structure and routine, she is interacting more with the other students in class and on the playground.  That was good for Amber and I to hear because we generally see her being a little less interactive around other kids (for example, this past Saturday).

Overall, we remain pleased with Kaitlyn’s progress, and with her school and teacher.  If we are lucky, her future teachers will have the ability to be just as patient and just as firm with her as her kindergarten teacher has.  If her future teachers understand the needs that Kaitlyn has, and understand a little bit about autism and Asperger’s, we are very excited about her future.  At the same time, we are also prepared to educate the educator about having an aspie and class and how to help achieve success.

Kaitlyn will be getting another report card really soon, just about a week after she gets back from Spring Break.  I cannot wait to see how she does grade-wise.


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