It was one of the first things I noticed when we walked in this morning.  Amber noticed it pretty quick, too.  I hoped that maybe Kaitlyn would not be too affected by it.  I’m talking about the seating arrangement at church.  And we quickly realized that Kaitlyn noticed as well.

After exchanging pleasantries with several people, it was time to take our seat.  As we were heading toward our seat, we noticed that Kaitlyn was getting upset.  Amber and I both figured that she was upset that the Spragues had not made it yet (but they were on the way), and we made sure that we left room in our row for both Jackson and Andrew to sit next to Kaitlyn.  While their absence may have been a small factor, the real reason for her being upset was that we were now sitting somewhere other than where we usually sit.

I will admit that sitting at a little different angle than usual took some time for me to adjust to, but I am still shocked that it upset Kaitlyn the way that it did.  Maybe not too shocked, but still a little shocked.  In her world, everything was thrown out of whack, and she was not having any of it.

It looks like we just have to do a little bit of a better job in easing her into situations where there are minor adjustments to be made.  Where Amber and I thought nothing of the changes, we did not realize the impact that they would have on Kaitlyn.  Looking back on it now, we could have had her check out the new seating arrangement before we went to sit down instead of lingering for a while and then sitting down.



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